The company ZAO «Aviation technologies. Engineering and consulting» (ZAO “ATEC”) was etstablished in the year 1996. The principle founders of the company were several russian  legal entities – public  joint-stock companies, namely  OJSC  “Electromechanics” (Rzhev),  OJSC “NIAT” (Moscow),  OJSC “Rybinsk Motors” (Rybinsk), OJSC “SAVMA” (Kimry).

During the period from 1996 to 2000 the company implemented the project of development of electron-beam welding technology for high-power gas turbine engine (GTE-110).  Within the project the multipurpose automated electron-beam installation ELUR-1AT was designed and produced providing maximum automation of both the preparation and production processes on the basis of computer programs. The patent for the industrial sample of the installation was taken out.

Since the year 2000 the installation ELUR-1AT has been in commercial operation at public JSC “NPO” Saturn “.  Technical solutions and gained exprience realized in the installation ELUR-1AT allowed a large-scale modernization of the earlier generations electron-beam welding equipment   models ELU-20,  ELU-10 and  ELU-9 at  several enterprises of RF and PRC.

With this equipment it was mastered the production of key parts and components of gas turbine engines, in particular:
• big-size components and parts of the product. GTE-110
• HPC and LPC rotors of the products AL-55I and 117S
• guide vanes of the products SaM146 and D-30KP “Burlak»

During the period from 2000 to 2009  the company implemented the project of development  of diffusion welding technology for the production of parts and components of gas turbine engines. Within the project  the automated diffusion welding installation UDS-1 was designed, manufactured and  in the year 2010 put into commercial operation at  Lytkarino machinery plant . The  technology of diffusion welding in this equipment allowed to bring into reality the basic theory of solid-phase compounds formation  by using high-active intermediate layers, as well as practically  master the technology of diffusion welding for gas turbine engine rotors



During the period from 2003 to 2008 the company implemented the project of cooperation with several  companies of «Sumitomo” group  (Japan) on the adaptation of  technical documentation  to the suppliable machine tools and  certain types of technological equipment for gas turbine engines production in the interests of power generation, oil & gas, aviation and other sectors of the RF national economy.


In cooperation with partner companies we  have been actively involved in the development of advanced composite materials (several patents were taken out). as well as the technology of permanent link of composite materials with metals by diffusion welding for further use in future developments of enterprises of aviation and oil & gas industris.


Engineering developments of the company  ZAO “ATEC ” are protected by 8 patents.



Together with the Fund  ” M.V.  Lomonosov MSU Scientific and Business Cooperation”  the company has been working on:

  • development of products non-destructive testing methods;
  • production of demonstrators trial samples and carry out of experiments on conditions of non-destruction of composite materials, metals and alloys in different thermal and power modes.


By the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation as of March 10th,  2009 № 221 the group of authors was awarded  the Russian Federation Government Prize in Science and Technology  “For the development and introduction of new generation equipment and welding technology to further improve quality of gas turbine engines”.