For more than 18 years the company ZAO “Aviation technologis. Engineering and consulting” delivers innovative technological solutions for various branches of mechanical engineering. And for more than 15 years the department which is engaged in introduction of  technological solutions at the industrial enterprises of RF successfully works as an integral part of the company’s  structure.

Today our technical  specialists use modern methods of researches and design. If necessary our partner companies render us all required technical consultations. We organize training and practical studies of specialists abroad, and it allows us to successfully solve the most complex problems which may face our customers.

We  extend our engineering services on the full range of the equipment supplied by the company.

The company has sufficient  experience in  “turnkey”  implementation of innovative technologies.

in2 Projects and technologies: specialization of ZAO “ATEC” is technological development of methods and techniques of strong connection of modern nanomodified composite materials and conventional fabrication materials intended for the advanced industrial products


Joinly with partner companies ZAO “ATEC” actively  participates in the development of the composite materials application promising technologies (several patents obtained), also develops processes of the composite materials and metals nondetachable connection by the metod of diffusion welding, which processes to be further introduced at the enterprises of aviation, radio-electronic and other industries

ZAO “ATEC” is in position to carry out:

  • design and development of the equipment for electron beam and diffusion welding for various purposes in accordance with the customer’s  technical requierments;
  • development of methods of assessment of the quality of compound of various materials;
  • mathematical modelling;
  • development of technologies for diffusion welding of various materials which can not be connected by conventional welding methods.

(Remark: more details could be found in presentations “Diffusion welding” and “Electron beam welding” posted on the Russian-language site )