Product Certification Center (PCC) ANO “AT Certification” and Test Center (TC) “AT Certification” were set up as structural divisions of ZAO “ATEC” and have been operating since the year 1997.
Accreditation Certificates : TC “AT Certification” N ROSS.RU.0001.21AYA78; PCС ANO “AT Certification” N ROSS.RU.0001.11AYU62.
Test Center carried out a full range of works on the assessment  of materials on compliance of regulating documentation  for the purposes of certification in the system GOST R

According to schemes of certification  PCC ANO “AT Certification” carried out  inspection of production and stability of product quality,  also inspection check-up of the certified products.

From the moment of accreditation tests were conducted and products of more than 150 domestic manufacturers and about 100 foreign companies were certified including those from USA (paints and varnishes, polymeric composite structures), France and Italy (roofing, waterproofing materials, fiberglasses), Finland (roofing and waterproofing materials, metal tiles) Sweden (metal tiles, wood-and-aluminum windows and doors,  PVC floor coverings) and  Estonia (paint and varnish coatings, primers, impregnating compositions).

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